Christmas Cheer 2012

Christmas Cheer 2012

Christmas Cheer Cookies for 2012!


“Gobble Gobble” Thanksgiving Cookies!

Some of the TEACHERS at my kids’ school have been heckling me lately about not bringing them up some yummy sugar cookies.  So…I thought Thanksgiving cookies would be the perfect way to show how much we APPRECIATE our teachers!  They are all a bunch of turkeys anyway!


I knew I didn’t want the “traditional” turkey cutter for these turkeys.  I did some looking online and found several IDEAS of how to create a turkey with a flower cookie cutter.  Perfect!  Once the cookies are baked and I start thinking of how to ice them, I always DRAW it out first on paper.

My drawing:  (no laughing) and it helps to trace your cookie cutter on paper too.

If you want to be PERFECT, you can cut out the head and trace on the cookie with a food marker.  I started out this way until I got the hang of it.  Food markers can be found at Hobby Lobby/Michaels.

The icing CRAZINESS:  needed lots of patience here!  Started to RETHINK why in the world I wanted to do colorful turkeys?!!  🙂

Outline the turkey head:  Scary drawing on such a big, blank cookie!

Immediately Flood the turkey head:  This helps hide the outline.  Use a toothpick to reach the edges.

Start adding colorful turkey feathers the same way.  Skip feathers so they have time to dry so the colors don’t bleed together.

Do all the feathers and don’t forget to add the cute little turkey legs!

Add white for the first part of the eyes and an orange beak.

Once the face dries, add black dots for the eyes and a red wattle (I just kinda winged it)…no turkey pun intended!

I knew from the very beginning of this project that my turkeys needed pilgrim hats!  I think details make the cookies more FUN!

Throw in some fall leaf cookies to go along with the turkeys and…….

VIOLA!!  You now have a cute, colorful plate of Thanksgiving cookies to give away or GOBBLE up all by yourself!  We tend to give half away while the kids and I gobble up the rest!  Today, I told the kids to be CAREFUL when opening their lunch bags today at SCHOOL because I put a turkey in there and it might JUMP out!  They got a kick out of that!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Patriotic Election 2012 Cookies!!!

It is an EXCITING time of year when we get the opportunity to VOTE for the President of the United States of AMERICA!  We are having an “Election Chili Party” tonight and I knew exactly what kind of sugar cookies I wanted to make with it!

Here are some more pictures for you!

Happy Election Day to all Americans!!

I tried “Sweet Sugarbelle’s” sugar COOKIE DOUGH and it was great!  Best part, there is no need to refrigerate the dough for hours before rolling!  It is ready to go and if it sticks a little, you can pop it into the the fridge for a few minutes.  Very yummy!  Sugarbelle’s cookie recipe can be found HERE.

I always use POWDERED SUGAR to help with the non-sticking part instead of flour.  I have read it several places online and my cookies always turn out tasting great!

Cool Tip:  1/4 inch dowel rods help you roll out the dough evenly so it cooks evenly too.  Awesome!

Cut your desired shapes.  Refrigerate the dough for a few minutes if it gets sticky during any of the rolling process.

Made a batch of ROYAL ICING which is under my RECIPES tab.  Here, I have FOUR flooding bottles and TWO piping bottles for outlining ready to go!

Outlining the cookies!

Flooding the cookies!

The details will make your cookies all come together!

Frightfully Bright Halloween Cookies!

These are my most recent sugar cookies just in time for a SPOOKY, FUN HALLOWEEN!


These sugar cookies were a lot of FUN to make.  They TASTE so GOOD and hold their SHAPE really well.

My favorites are the bright, orange PUMPKINS and the WITCH’S shoe!  The shoe was a last minute addition and I am so glad I wasn’t too SCARED to try it.

I didn’t have any more pictures of these, but I will try to remember to take pictures as the cookies are created next time.  🙂

Fishy Summer Sugar Cookies!

This summer, we actually were able to do a lot more mini-trips with the KIDS.  Anyone with kids knows how much planning and patience it takes to go on any trips big or small.  For us, going to the lake was something the kids absolutely LOVED to do!  What better way to celebrate summer than with some bright FISHY SUMMER sugar cookies!

summer fish cookies

Even the kids had a BLAST designing their own FISH BOWLS and fish cookies!  ha!

kids cookies

For these “fishy summer” cookies, I used a fish cookie cutter, a mayonaise lid for some small circles, and an apple cookie cutter to make the fish bowls (trim off the apple stem).  We used some big sprinkle shapes on the bottom of the fish bowl to look like pebbles.  The kids had fun creating!

Here are the cookie dough shapes:

fish cookies

Now that they are OUTLINED, we are ready to FLOOD the cookies.  The kids are a great help with this part!


After allowing them to dry for several hours (overnight is best), we can add the final details to the cookies!  This is when the cookies really get fun and you end up with a yummy, fishy cookies to gobble for the summer-time lake fun!


Happy summer all!

Sweet Valentine Owl Cookies!

I love how OWLS have made such a CUTE come-back!  Just about everywhere you look, you will see those adorable birds!  So, when I thought of Valentine cookies, I knew I wanted to do some owl sugar cookies!  I looked online and got some great tips from one of my favorite, go-to sugar cookie baker, The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle!

She can make a cookie out of any type of cookie cutter.  What I mean is, that she made owl cookies out of a “tulip” cookie cutter…so that is exactly what I did too.  I just trimmed off the stem and VIOLA…an owl cookie!


Next was the planning of how I wanted to do the owl.  Many baker bloggers suggest DRAWING it out on paper first like this….just don’t laugh at the artwork!


Then I start thinking of all the COLORS I will be needing.

Now I am ready to start outlining the cookies.

Then the flooding…

Now some detail once they have dried.  The FUN part!

Throw in some HEART cookies.  (The kids wanted to write who they loved on the cookies…so sweet).

You now have a set of SUPER, CUTE Valentine cookies to share with your LOVED ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

FaLaLaLaLa Christmas Cookies!

Christmas cookies

Ahhh, the HOLIDAYS!  The time of year when many bakers try their hands at some CHRISTMAS sugar cookies!  This was my 2nd attempt at sugar cookies and it was a BETTER result.  I also like how SPRINKLES can be added to spruce up a boring cookie.




Sometimes I can get carried away picking out too many cookie cutter shapes.  This was one of the few times I ended up using FIVE different shapes!  And I didn’t have any brown food coloring for the reindeer.  OOPS.  They turned out pretty good considering it was my 2nd time around.  The kids still LOVEthem!

A bunch of shapes….I am thinking, “oh my, what did I get myself into here!”  As you can see, my shapes are still on the thin side, but I have started to figure that out too.


This part always looks strange and it is easy to think, “my cookies are not going to turn out very pretty” in this stage…but trust me, they will turn out great!


They are all flooded…now the boring part…we wait!

Add some details when they are dry enough…depending on how PATIENT you are, I start adding detail to the flooded cookies anywhere from one hour to four hours, but I hear that overnight is best!

I still kind of cringe when I look at my cookies from last year….but that is how you get better, with lots of PRACTICE.

It was still fun and the kids still love to eat decorated sugar cookies!

Merry Christmas all!