Patriotic Election 2012 Cookies!!!

It is an EXCITING time of year when we get the opportunity to VOTE for the President of the United States of AMERICA!  We are having an “Election Chili Party” tonight and I knew exactly what kind of sugar cookies I wanted to make with it!

Here are some more pictures for you!

Happy Election Day to all Americans!!

I tried “Sweet Sugarbelle’s” sugar COOKIE DOUGH and it was great!  Best part, there is no need to refrigerate the dough for hours before rolling!  It is ready to go and if it sticks a little, you can pop it into the the fridge for a few minutes.  Very yummy!  Sugarbelle’s cookie recipe can be found HERE.

I always use POWDERED SUGAR to help with the non-sticking part instead of flour.  I have read it several places online and my cookies always turn out tasting great!

Cool Tip:  1/4 inch dowel rods help you roll out the dough evenly so it cooks evenly too.  Awesome!

Cut your desired shapes.  Refrigerate the dough for a few minutes if it gets sticky during any of the rolling process.

Made a batch of ROYAL ICING which is under my RECIPES tab.  Here, I have FOUR flooding bottles and TWO piping bottles for outlining ready to go!

Outlining the cookies!

Flooding the cookies!

The details will make your cookies all come together!