Sugar Cookie Oopsies!

So after much looking around on the web, I was finally ready to TACKLE my very FIRST sugar cookies with royal icing!  Boy, did I FIGURE OUT that there is a lot more to making sugar cookies than I had originally realized!  So many things had gone wrong.

My cookies were so THIN that they started to brown on the bottom.  It literally took me most of the day to do them because I didn’t know how to PLAN out the stages of making sugar cookies.  And this was the batch where I decided to use my healthy “wheat” flour because it was up there in the pantry and I thought they would still taste great….NOT such a BRILLIANT idea!  ha!

brown cookies

THANKFULLY, even after all the sugar cookie disasters, my first attempt at royal icing wasn’t too shabby.  It actually “disguised” my not so beautiful sugar cookies!  The kids swore the cookies tasted GREAT, but I knew that I could get better.

Here is the my FIRST batch of sugar cookies with royal icing.

first sugar cookies

And a plateful of pumpkins!


MORAL OF THE STORY, even if you make mistakes, just keep going.  You will be SURPRISED to see how your sugar cookies can really turn out.  The more I do them, the better and easier it gets.