Fun Christmas Cookies!

Fun Christmas Cookies!

Okay, I had some extra Christmas sugar cookies that I put in the freezer to ice another day. Well, when I did the cupcakes, I used the leftover icing and decided to do non-traditional Christmas colors for these cookies. These were really fun too!


FaLaLaLaLa Christmas Cookies!

Christmas cookies

Ahhh, the HOLIDAYS!  The time of year when many bakers try their hands at some CHRISTMAS sugar cookies!  This was my 2nd attempt at sugar cookies and it was a BETTER result.  I also like how SPRINKLES can be added to spruce up a boring cookie.




Sometimes I can get carried away picking out too many cookie cutter shapes.  This was one of the few times I ended up using FIVE different shapes!  And I didn’t have any brown food coloring for the reindeer.  OOPS.  They turned out pretty good considering it was my 2nd time around.  The kids still LOVEthem!

A bunch of shapes….I am thinking, “oh my, what did I get myself into here!”  As you can see, my shapes are still on the thin side, but I have started to figure that out too.


This part always looks strange and it is easy to think, “my cookies are not going to turn out very pretty” in this stage…but trust me, they will turn out great!


They are all flooded…now the boring part…we wait!

Add some details when they are dry enough…depending on how PATIENT you are, I start adding detail to the flooded cookies anywhere from one hour to four hours, but I hear that overnight is best!

I still kind of cringe when I look at my cookies from last year….but that is how you get better, with lots of PRACTICE.

It was still fun and the kids still love to eat decorated sugar cookies!

Merry Christmas all!