Sweet Valentine Owl Cookies!

I love how OWLS have made such a CUTE come-back!  Just about everywhere you look, you will see those adorable birds!  So, when I thought of Valentine cookies, I knew I wanted to do some owl sugar cookies!  I looked online and got some great tips from one of my favorite, go-to sugar cookie baker, The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle!

She can make a cookie out of any type of cookie cutter.  What I mean is, that she made owl cookies out of a “tulip” cookie cutter…so that is exactly what I did too.  I just trimmed off the stem and VIOLA…an owl cookie!


Next was the planning of how I wanted to do the owl.  Many baker bloggers suggest DRAWING it out on paper first like this….just don’t laugh at the artwork!


Then I start thinking of all the COLORS I will be needing.

Now I am ready to start outlining the cookies.

Then the flooding…

Now some detail once they have dried.  The FUN part!

Throw in some HEART cookies.  (The kids wanted to write who they loved on the cookies…so sweet).

You now have a set of SUPER, CUTE Valentine cookies to share with your LOVED ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!